Knowing The Qualities Of A Good Dentist

Knowing The Qualities Of A Good Dentist

For most individuals, heading to the dentist’s office is a thing not looking forward to, hence making a dentist’s occupation more challenging other than just assessing teeth. How can you be able to find a good dentist? Knowing the qualities of a dentist will help you find one.

A dentist in palm beach gardens should have different skills to allow him to execute his job efficiently at the same time decreasing the discomfort of the patient.

A good dental hygienist should have:


Firstly, an effective dentist should have comprehensive knowledge pertaining to teeth, gums and mouth. This knowledge will permit him/her to appropriately examine oral and dental problems and prescribe right solutions and execute treatments. To examine teeth well and use their knowledge, the dentist needs to have great attention to detail. They must be informed of the different treatment approaches to offer to patients whenever possible. They need to attend seminars and continue with other education programs to be updated with the advances in dentistry.

Manual Precision

To have steady hands that can execute minute and accurate actions for the duration of accomplishing many different methods on a patient’s mouth is very important. A dentist needs to have dexterous fingers and should at the same time have good muscular endurance to stop getting tired during doing long procedures that may lead to a slip up. Of course, the dentist needs to have gentle hands to finish the essential procedure without the need to employ more power.


Excellent communication skills should be possessed by a good dentist as this will enable them to understand and relay complex information in layman’s terms. Most of the time, dentist explain procedures and recommendations to patients, therefore it is essential that information is conveyed in a clear manner.

Patient Education

With regards to executing different treatments at the dental clinic, a dentist can be excellent; but then again the most vital part of oral health is generally the decisions, actions and habits of patients outside of the dentist’s office. It is of the essence that dentist educates the value of oral hygiene and the factors that influence oral health on their patients and make their patients intend to keep the health of their teeth.

Patient Involvement:

A good dentist will always make the patient feel he/she is in control of all the processes involved in treatment procedures. The patient should be allowed to view all the heath records including x-rays and details be explained to him/her well. This way, the patient is at ease with the dental doctor and his/her confidence in the whole procedure is affirmed and therefore less stressful to both the dentist and the patient.

Surgical precision:

A good dentist should be able to perform surgical operations or any other such practices with a clear and sober mind. This is because dental operations just like in any kind of medical operations require maximum concentration, perfect precision, endurance and attention to detail. Any small mistake or error in a surgical operation may lead to a permanent damage to a patient’s dental status or further complications may arise. Gentle and flexible handling of the process is necessary to carry on the process with the necessary traffic with causing accidents due to spillage or falling objects.

Excellent communication skills:

When communicating with any person that the dentist comes in contact with such as such a patient, a colleague or an assistant, a good dental doctor should be able to explain complex details in a way that can be easily understood by the recipient of that information. For instance, he should be able to explain to the patient in layman’s possible way about different procedures available to assist him/her together with the details that are associated with this. The dentist’s recommendations should not be biased, but the decision should be based on the patient’s desires and only after considering the well explained facts.


A visit to a dentist is traditionally a dreaded choice to many during dental problems. However, with current developments in research and patient care, it has been discovered that genuine empathy with a patient develops courage in a patients to visit a dental doctor. A good dental practitioner is concerned about the patients feeling and empathizes with him/her during times of pain. This makes it easier for the patient to go though the procedure under reduced stress. A good way of starting to show empathy is by welcoming the patient in a warm way and then take the patient in through his/her interview comfortably without any rushing around about the details. The dental practitioner should handle the patient, not just like a client, but rather like a human to human relationship.